February 20 2016 0Comment

Hearst Castle

The Hearst Castle Re-Roof Project seems fairly simple on paper with around 150 squares of tile and 25 squares of built up roofing, but as the project began there were a few interesting challenges that were overcome to prove BEST Contracting Service’s role as a leader in the roofing industry. One of the challenges was [...]
January 17 2014 0Comment

Bundled Bids – What are they and what are the benefits – part 2 of 4

Bundled Bids This is Part 2 of our discussion about awarding one subcontractor with multi-trade contracts for new or major building construction projects. In Part 1, we presented a case for the benefits that accrue to the General Contractor or building owner for such contracts as it applied to project scheduling. This presentation, Part 2, […]

January 16 2014 0Comment

Bundled Bids – What are they and what are the benefits – part 1 of 4

When subcontractors receive an invitation to bid on the construction or rehabilitation of a non-residential property, there are often several trades involved to provide the owner, GC or public entity with a price to perform the specified requirements. With the benefits to the GC or building owner listed below, it makes sense to get as […]

November 14 2013 0Comment

Mounting Solar PV Panels on a Metal Roof

A recent project required the installation of rigid solar panels rack mounted on a metal roofed building. The prime consideration for any rack mounted solar system is maintaining the waterproof integrity of the roofing system. Piercing the metal roof, then waterproofing those penetrations is always an issue. For this particular project, the owner understood the […]

November 14 2013 0Comment

Why Should You Have Your Commercial Rooftop Inspected and Cleaned

Roofs are generally out-of-sight and out-of-mind until a leak occurs. As a business owner, it obviously pays to stay ahead of the curve and take care of the roof system to prevent this from happening. Once leaks occur, water gets into the building structure and deterioration starts to occur – including dreaded mold issues! Leaks […]