November 14 2013 0Comment

Mounting Solar PV Panels on a Metal Roof

A recent project required the installation of rigid solar panels rack mounted on a metal roofed building. The prime consideration for any rack mounted solar system is maintaining the waterproof integrity of the roofing system. Piercing the metal roof, then waterproofing those penetrations is always an issue. For this particular project, the owner understood the […]

November 14 2013 0Comment

Why Should You Have Your Commercial Rooftop Inspected and Cleaned

Roofs are generally out-of-sight and out-of-mind until a leak occurs. As a business owner, it obviously pays to stay ahead of the curve and take care of the roof system to prevent this from happening. Once leaks occur, water gets into the building structure and deterioration starts to occur – including dreaded mold issues! Leaks […]