BEST is unique in that we maintain a dedicated Roof Service Department. This group of versatile technicians service emergency leak calls, perform roof repairs and small roofing projects. They also execute the work required for clients who are members of our comprehensive roof asset management program, THE BEST- KEPT ROOF.

Water Testing

Even skilled roofers sometimes have trouble locating the source of water entry. In these instances the only way to find the leak is to do a water test. This requires spraying water on to the low end of the roof and if no leak is found introducing water higher and higher until the leak is reproduced.

BEST Kept Roof Maintenance Program

The BEST Kept Roof Maintenance Program is designed to provide you with a watertight roof.

Under this program, BEST will make regular visits to the rooftop and perform careful visual inspections of the roof surface, the condition of the seals around all penetrations, conditions at the parapet walls, drains and drainage system and all areas where equipment rests on or penetrates through the roof membrane.

Typically, the manufacturer’s roof warranty is only valid when you have a roof maintenance program. BEST Contracting Services is approved to install, repair and maintain virtually every major brand and product type in the roofing industry.

Proactive Prevention Saves Money!

A small investment in a regular proactive-maintenance plan can save thousands of dollars. By fixing minor problem before they become major, you will maximize your roof’s lifespan and protect your most valuable asset.


Roof Express

BEST can offer you a roof management program that helps you protect your investment and save a substantial amount of money each year. We use digital technology to survey your roofs and to organize and present your roof information. Our trained technicians use GPS and a handheld computer to do a complete roof inspection and generate a condition assessment report with roof condition scores for each section. These reports provide detailed roof maps with plotted inventory and deficiencies along with all corresponding photos and descriptions. We will document the baseline conditions of your roofs, and also keep electronic records of every inspection and every repair we perform. You’ll have a complete history of your roof information that you can access online anytime to help you prioritize and budget your projects for maintenance and repair. This approach can extend the service life of your roofs by 25% and prevent costly premature roof failures.

Emergency Leak Repair

Emergency leaks occur, often at the most inopportune times. Our crews will come out and stop the water entering your building. Be aware that materials needed to perform repairs while the roof is wet are only temporary and it will require a second visit when the roof is dry to do a permanent repair.

BEST has a 24/7 emergency leak repair service. Our 24 hour service number is:

Roof Repairs

Roofs are exposed to an unfriendly environment from the day they are installed so, periodically they need to be repaired. Sometimes new equipment is introduced penetrating the roof membrane or mounted on the roof top and require new flashings. In any of these circumstances BEST can perform roof repairs. If the roof is under warranty BEST is approved by most manufacturers so the warranty (if any) is not voided.