Our Services

  • Sustainable / Energy Saving Systems

    This group of services includes cool roofs, green (vegetated) roof systems, daylighting and solar power generating installations.

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  • Repairs & Maintenance

    BEST is unique in that we maintain a dedicated Roof Service Department. This group of versatile technicians service emergency leak calls, perform roof repairs and small roofing projects. They also execute the work required for clients who are members of our comprehensive roof asset management program, THE BEST- KEPT ROOF.

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  • Glazing

    Systems installed include commercial operable and fixed windows, storefronts, spider systems, ribbon walls, curtain walls, atriums and skylights.

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  • Sheet Metal

    General, roof related and architectural sheet metal items and detail components for various metal systems are fabricated in our sheet metal shop. Wall Panels Systems installed include composite, insulated, standing seam and corrugated panels in several choices of metals and finishes such as aluminum and zinc.

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  • Waterproofing

    We apply and install waterproofing below grade, between slab, on walls, decks, caulk windows and cold joints. We waterproof parking structures, parking and plaza decks, and subterranean garages. The installation of expansion joints of all types falls under our waterproofing division.

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  • Roofing

    BEST can repair, maintain and install every type of roof system including built-up, single ply, modified bitumen, polyuretane foam, metal and coating systems. We also install green (vegetated) roofs and roof-mounted solar power systems.

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