General, roof related and architectural sheet metal items and detail components for various metal systems are fabricated in our sheet metal shop. Wall Panels Systems installed include composite, insulated, standing seam and corrugated panels in several choices of metals and finishes such as aluminum and zinc.


Tom Bradley International Terminal at LAX
Scope of Work: Metal Panels

Metal Roof Systems

Metal roofing systems are possibly the fastest growing segment of the non-residential roofing market. This is because metal offers a large selection of styles and colors and has a reputation for longevity. Most of the attractive metal systems seen in areas such as shopping centers are called “architectural metal systems” and require a structural supporting deck underneath the metal with a watertight underlayment.

There are also a “structural metal systems” which are attached to a metal framework and are strong enough not to require any supporting deck. The modern versions of these systems utilize hidden fasteners obviating the need to screw through the metal panels to the structure. This avoids the previous problems of rust at the screw holes which led to leaks.


Moreno Valley College Student Academic Services Facility
Scope of Work: Metal Wall Panels, Solid Phenolic Exterior Wall Panels Sheet Metal

General Sheet Metal

BEST Contracting Services, Inc has its own fully equipped sheet metal shop. Staffed by skilled and knowledgeable craftsmen and equipped with a comprehensive selection of machines to cut, bend, weld, drill and assemble all metals including stainless steel.

This division contracts directly with Property Owners and Government Agencies and supports in-house Best Contracting Divisions.
This division provides support to the Roofing Division with roof related sheet metal such as custom gutters, flashings, drip metal, angle metal, Z metal, edge metal, saddles, coping, louvers, chimney caps, downspouts and scuppers.

The shop also supports our Facade Division with decorative metal closing panels for the Metal Wall Department and window trims and closures for the Glass and Glazing Department.

This in-house capability allows BEST to control delivery and quality of all sheet metal components required.

Metal Wall Panels

Wall panels provide an attractive, long lasting alternative to masonry as a basic weather protection for buildings of all types and offer the architect many options of aesthetically pleasing finishes and colors. These panels are often manufactured using recycled materials and as such are considered a sustainable building product supporting specifications for Energy Star and LEED Certified building systems.

Panels can be made from a variety of materials such as aluminum, zinc, and phenolic. They can be supplied as a single skin or as insulated panels with foam sandwiched between an inner and outer skin.

The joints between the panels can either be open to allow controlled moisture to enter, flow down and weep out the bottom (called the dry system) or sealed with silicon to provide a watertight system, (wet system) depending on the “look” the architect is trying to achieve.