We apply and install waterproofing below grade, between slab, on walls, decks, caulk windows and cold joints. We waterproof parking structures, parking and plaza decks, and subterranean garages. The installation of expansion joints of all types falls under our waterproofing division.

Vertical Walls

BEST can Waterproof the exterior walls and if required change the color. Many walls have caulked joints as part of the construction.

Spall Repair

Wherever concrete spalls BEST has the skill and experience to conduct repairs. Whether the spall is in the walls of a tunnel or a commercial

Parking Decks

Parking decks need to be water resistant, reasonably smooth and typically have anti-skid coatings and resistance to petrochemicals.

Injection Techniques

BEST uses various injection methods to prevent water ingress under pressure including epoxy and polyurethane systems.

Expansion Joints

Floor expansion joints are usually installed by our Waterproofing Dept. Wall expansion joints are installed by our crews erecting the wall panels.

Concrete Floors

Floor coatings come in many types ranging from the simple epoxy coatings to keep the surface in a condition that permits cleaning

Slab Membrane

Originally installed when the building is constructed they can suffer from deterioration. To renew them requires removing the topping

Below Grade

Waterproofing below grade carries the highest risk of failure. It therefore requires highly skilled, trained and approved contractors

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