BEST Contracting Services was recently invited by URCA’s Ron Johnston to attend the 2017 “Q Award” honoring NBC Universal’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter project by the Alliance for Quality Construction. The award was presented in recognition of attaining Quality Construction within the Building Industry of Southern California. With several hundred trades involved in the construction of the Harry Potter project, the “Q Award” was based primarily on the use of quality craftsmanship by union labor; excellent labor-management relations; and use of apprentices while maintaining an impeccable safety record during the course of construction.

BEST has furnished and installed more than $4 million in roofing at the Harry Potter attraction and $1 million in waterproofing & sheet metal work at other Universal Studios locations, including the Parking Garage, Garage Deck, Pedestrian Bridge and Mel’s Diner.

We are particularly proud of the exemplary work performed by our Project Managers and Superintendents Angel Aviles, Charlie Minshew, Fernando Chavez, Joel Jimenez, Joel Rizo, Jose Martinez and Saul Vasquez. These gentlemen take pride in their work and we congratulate each of them for a job well done!

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